Our Program will encompass all aspects of soccer training at the highest level for players aged 14 to 22. Whether you are pursuing a college scholarship or want to become a professional player, our 10 week program will be tailored based on your goals and it will take your game to the next level. It will make you a better player, technically, physically and mentally. The program includes a medical examination, sport psychologist, sports nutritionist, one on one training sessions with certified coaches, tracking progress via GPS, social media content and scouting reports, among other features. Furthermore, our team of experts will be with you every step of the journey providing ongoing feedback. Data will be provided allowing you to see your performance and improvements from the end of your first session.



Welcome pack
Branded Training kit
Medical examination
Initial Player assessment conducted by our college coaches
Sport psychology questionnaire and private sessions
Sport Nutritionist during the whole program
GPS tracking system powered by Playertek and Catapult
One to Two tailored training sessions per week
Two games reports including video analysis
Social media content of the training program
Ongoing feedback during the program
Soccer Resume
Free access to our Masterclasses and clinics during 12 months
Free access to our Tryouts in Florida during 12 months
Inclusion in our database for American universities and professional clubs around the world
Profile creation on InstatScout and Transfermarkt
360 report
PRICE $6,500